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08-24-15 : Felicia Day Knows 'You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)'

Transformative Technology

While Felicia Day is busily entertaining readers with hilarious stories about her youth in a prose that's engagingly honest and raw, another storyline emerges. the home-schooled youth, the early-adopting gamer girl, the girl genius in college at the age of 16, the violin prodigy, all of these stories create a framework for what's underneath 'You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)' — a crisp vision of how computer technology can transform our lives.

Day's autobiography is just as fun to read as you'd expect. If you're a fan of her online persona, her many appearances in a variety of television series, her online series The Guild or her new entertainment juggernaut Geek & Sundry, you'll find a lot to love here. If you've never experienced any of the above, the book will make you want to do so. The book is written with a clarity and unconscious style that will appeal to anyone who enjoys reading pretty much any sort of book.

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08-21-15: Claire McCaskill is 'Plenty Ladylike'

Internalizing Determination to Overcome Sexism

Claire McCaskill wastes no time getting to the point in 'Plenty Ladylike.' In the opening passage, we meet a young woman seeking office for the first time, knocking on 11,432 doors. One potential constituent, a man (it matters), looks her up and down and then says, "You're too young. Your hair is too long. You're a girl. No way are you tough enough for politics. Those politicians in Jeff City'd eat you alive. Go find yourself a husband."

Suffice it to say she didn't follow his advice and instead turned it into energy and determination to help her maintain her drive. 'Plenty Ladylike' is a top-notch memoir that moves like lightning and keeps it's focus.

08-21-15: Emily Schultz Unleashes 'The Blondes'

A Cure by Color

Hazel is talking to her unborn child, preparing that child for the world that is being undone and created anew right before her eyes. It begins in our workaday life when a blonde woman attacks a victim on the subway before Helen's eyes. It's the first observed evidence of what comes to be called Blonde Rabies, a plague that turns any woman with blonde hair into a crazed pretty unstoppable killer. It's the beginning of the end.

Complicating this is the fact that Helen, a grad student is pregnant with her married advisor's child. Sex in all its weird compulsions, proves to be our undoing. It's not as if this should be surprising.

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