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10-16-14 : Alix Christie Hires 'Gutenberg's Apprentice'

Fifteenth Century Start-Ups

Peter Schoeffer thinks he's well on his way to having it all — in Paris, September, 1450. But his foster father, Johann Fust, calls him away from a cosmopolitan life as an up-and-coming scribe for the Church, bidding him to return to Maintz, Germany, and work on a project his father is funding with a man named Gutenberg.

| In 'Gutenberg's Apprentice,' Alix Christie turns history we might think we all know into a page-turning thriller about the development of a new technology that will change the world Peter lives in to the world we live in. This is of course the printing press, and Christie manages the neat trick crafting a novel in a historical setting full of grit and authentic period detail that nonetheless makes readers think about the present.

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10-19-14: Time to Read Ep 179: William T. Vollmann, 'Last Stories and Other Stories'
10-16-14: A 2014 Interview with Alix Christie

"This was the world's first tech start-up." —Alix Christie

Alix Christie brings more than research to her first novel, 'Gutenberg's Apprentice.' She brings family history. Printing runs in her family, and she's moved hot metal type herself.
10-13-14: A 2014 Interview with Maureen Corrigan

"On his death in 1940, there were remaindered copies..." —Maureen Corrigan

Yes; you hear the voice in print when you read 'So We Read On.' How can you not? Maureen Corrigan has a cadence and tone that are unmistakable. Sitting down at KQED to talk with her almost seems redundant after having read her book, but once she starts talking — it's that voice.
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